First blog post

First blog post

Hi Central Arizona Phenology Trail folks!

This site allows our phenomenal phenologists to share discoveries with one another. Is there something exciting happening along your trail? Have you learned something recently that you think others would find helpful? Do you have an exceptional photo of a phenophase that you’d like to share? This is the place to do just that and more!



Pinyon Needle Scale

Have you wondered what those little bumps are on the pinyon pine needles? Well, here is your answer!


Manzanita flowers and Nectar robbers

No photo to share, but couldn’t help but notice that the manzanita flowers (Nascient inflorescences sp?) that are waking up to complete their development have holes in the sides to indicate the Nectar robbers are waking up as well.

I think that I have saved this on my desktop for easy access. This looks like a very nice option to our communication/sharing issue. Thanks Edessa! And Will for your amazing photo of the cedar waxwing. That’s one I haven’t seen yet!

Edessa says: very cool info! Does anyone have a photo?


Test Blog for Wil!

Test Blog for Wil!

Dear CAPT Community,

I thought that I would try out the blog that Edessa set up for us.  The inset image is a photo of a Cedar Waxwing that had unfortunately hit our new windows, but I took the opportunity to get some up close photos of this beautiful bird.  What birds have you noticed entering the area as winter begins to wain?

Last night we discussed how we can get a better flow of information between the phenology groups in the Central Arizona and Prescott area.  This included utilizing this blog page to post our thoughts, experiences and questions as we continue to gather valuable phenological data.  Also we spoke about the possibility of creating a facebook page similar to the one that we saw based out of Phoenix.  So I went ahead and created a group,  I would encourage all of you to search Central Arizona Phenology Trails and become a member!

Thanks so much and I am excited to see our Central Arizona Phenology Trails catch steam!

Swainson hawk returns

I spotted my first Swainson hawk in Chino Valley on February 16, 2017. This is 6 weeks earlier than the first ones  I spotted last year. These amazing hawks winter in the South American Pampas of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil and return to the North American grasslands for the summer season.